Monday, September 19, 2011


What does Love really mean?my art
How does it make people happy?
Why does it make people sad?
What does it mean when they say, “Love conquers all”?
It is something that gives people happiness and sadness.
It sometimes make people crazy or insane, especially obsessiveness towards the other person or an object.
It is the most important feeling and unforgettable thing that a person will ever experience his whole life.
Love is an unpredictable feeling that you wouldn’t even notice its existence.
And it has many meanings that a person like me cannot even understand.


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  3. Man/Woman has been trying to figure out 'love' for thousands of years. The only thing I'm absolutely sure of when it comes to love is that it is a double edged sword. It can cut and it can heal. It can drive a good person to do evil things, or even forfeit their own life for another person. It is probably the strongest of all of the emotions. If you ever figure it out, please clue me in.

  4. @Orples well yeah love probably is strongest. But people have different way of seeing what love really is. So I think that we should just follow what we believe in. hehehe =)