Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow! 2 Decades...

As of yesterday 06-06-'11, I officially turned 20 yrs old. No, I'm not a teenager anymore = (  hmmmn
But wow, time really flies fast that it seems only a blink of an eye.  So I've been living in this world for two decades now and it seems only yesterday that I'm playing with my Barbie doll hahaha..
In these 20 years of my life, I think I almost done everything that a teen would do nowadays. Except of course "that" well I kissed, but that’s it. During those years, I'm a rebel kid especially in high school and for me I think that what happened was good because being a rebellious kid well that experience became my key of having good times and being open now with my parents. I grew so much through that experience, so now I see a lot of my friends who is going through with that and I sometimes give a piece of advice but it seems that they're thick headed. Anyway it’s their life; I'm only saying the good things that I've learned about that.

So now I am an adult. But I don’t feel like it, I'm stuck being a 16 yr old hahahaha... can’t help it, inside my cranium is a kid's brain. Also, being a kid has a lot of curiosities right? And they want to experiment. Although I'm very curious about life I'm also cautious and limited to what I will do. So that's good. My parents doesn’t have to worry about me so much because I set my own limits and I know my rights and I'm still dependent to them.

What will I do now that I'm already in adulthood? Act like an adult? But I don't want that. Hmmm maybe I'll just act according to what is happening in my environment. I don’t have any plans yet, so for now I'm just going to study hard and do my best so I can graduate with flying colors. When that time comes, I will still depend on my parents because I'm just starting but of course I will be successful and that’s the time I will do anything for them as well. It’s a payment for giving birth to me and giving me wonderful life. Thanks to them I lived for 20 years now.

WOW! Time really is fast.... *sigh*

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