Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Want To Be...

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a Ballerina. My parents send me and my sister at the Philippine Cultural Center to study ballet and I got a chance to perform on stage. But unfortunately we stopped dancing ballet due to some uhhm I don't know, financial problems I guess. But I never stopped dreaming to become one until now =)

At around puberty I've been wanting to go to the moon, so that means I want to become an astronaut right? hahaha until now I want to go there. I want to feel the moon, to touch it and see it closely. Also the stars, although they are bigger than the sun... Actually, I have a favorite star, every time I  look outside the window I see it. I know that..that is my star, because its very bright and it doesn't have other stars around it. And I just know that it's my star. 

I also wanted to become an actress back then and now. Because it seems fun. And choosing what course to take in college I also dreamed to be a Lawyer, a Journalist, a Doctor. But...

Today, I am currently studying Dentistry. Which I think never crossed my mind during childhood. My mom is actually a Dentist, and she's my idol so I also took Dentistry. Well that's a lame reason for me taking up that hard road, isn't? However, that's not the only reason. I wanted to be a Dentist because I want to continue her work, she's the only Dentist in the family. Besides, Dentist is still a Doctor, even though only on the teeth hahaha. After I graduate and pass the board exam, I was thinking of traveling around the world. But first I will have to save up lots of money. And I hope I can do that.

"I will be a travelling Dentist with lots of money on my pocket". If I'm gonna travel then the instruments I should just bring is the explorer, mouth mirror, etc.. but I guess that will be hard, because I cannot bring all the instruments. Guess, I'm just gonna work on every country. Yeah that's it. hahahahaha  that will be fun and exciting..

<3 Tahlliylicious