Thursday, March 24, 2011


(@manor super club in Eastwood)

Being a teenager is so much fun. Actually, a teenager is still a kid that just want to have some fun and some freedom. They want to do whatever they like. But of course they have to put some limits onto what they are doing or what they want to do. A teen always wants to party, and thats having fun with their own friends in same age. They can also have fun with their parents but not as much fun than their friends. We being a teenager want most to be with our friends because they're not like our parents who always put us on hold and always have limits and objectons to what we want. We are at the age of curiousity to what is the world like, and we of course want to try it and have many adventures in our life. Once we didn't get what we want from our parents, we go rebel! Its natural to do that but then of course it has a positive and negative feedback. We should always remind ourselves that our loving parents just want good things for us.

A teenager is a very hard age in the process of life( in my opinion). Because thats where we learn the best of who we really are with our family and friends.

Once we become parents, we sure know what our children will be once they also got to that age. But at that time, we will know how to handle them because we've been through it already..


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