Monday, September 19, 2011


What does Love really mean?my art
How does it make people happy?
Why does it make people sad?
What does it mean when they say, “Love conquers all”?
It is something that gives people happiness and sadness.
It sometimes make people crazy or insane, especially obsessiveness towards the other person or an object.
It is the most important feeling and unforgettable thing that a person will ever experience his whole life.
Love is an unpredictable feeling that you wouldn’t even notice its existence.
And it has many meanings that a person like me cannot even understand.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow! 2 Decades...

As of yesterday 06-06-'11, I officially turned 20 yrs old. No, I'm not a teenager anymore = (  hmmmn
But wow, time really flies fast that it seems only a blink of an eye.  So I've been living in this world for two decades now and it seems only yesterday that I'm playing with my Barbie doll hahaha..
In these 20 years of my life, I think I almost done everything that a teen would do nowadays. Except of course "that" well I kissed, but that’s it. During those years, I'm a rebel kid especially in high school and for me I think that what happened was good because being a rebellious kid well that experience became my key of having good times and being open now with my parents. I grew so much through that experience, so now I see a lot of my friends who is going through with that and I sometimes give a piece of advice but it seems that they're thick headed. Anyway it’s their life; I'm only saying the good things that I've learned about that.

So now I am an adult. But I don’t feel like it, I'm stuck being a 16 yr old hahahaha... can’t help it, inside my cranium is a kid's brain. Also, being a kid has a lot of curiosities right? And they want to experiment. Although I'm very curious about life I'm also cautious and limited to what I will do. So that's good. My parents doesn’t have to worry about me so much because I set my own limits and I know my rights and I'm still dependent to them.

What will I do now that I'm already in adulthood? Act like an adult? But I don't want that. Hmmm maybe I'll just act according to what is happening in my environment. I don’t have any plans yet, so for now I'm just going to study hard and do my best so I can graduate with flying colors. When that time comes, I will still depend on my parents because I'm just starting but of course I will be successful and that’s the time I will do anything for them as well. It’s a payment for giving birth to me and giving me wonderful life. Thanks to them I lived for 20 years now.

WOW! Time really is fast.... *sigh*

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Want To Be...

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a Ballerina. My parents send me and my sister at the Philippine Cultural Center to study ballet and I got a chance to perform on stage. But unfortunately we stopped dancing ballet due to some uhhm I don't know, financial problems I guess. But I never stopped dreaming to become one until now =)

At around puberty I've been wanting to go to the moon, so that means I want to become an astronaut right? hahaha until now I want to go there. I want to feel the moon, to touch it and see it closely. Also the stars, although they are bigger than the sun... Actually, I have a favorite star, every time I  look outside the window I see it. I know that..that is my star, because its very bright and it doesn't have other stars around it. And I just know that it's my star. 

I also wanted to become an actress back then and now. Because it seems fun. And choosing what course to take in college I also dreamed to be a Lawyer, a Journalist, a Doctor. But...

Today, I am currently studying Dentistry. Which I think never crossed my mind during childhood. My mom is actually a Dentist, and she's my idol so I also took Dentistry. Well that's a lame reason for me taking up that hard road, isn't? However, that's not the only reason. I wanted to be a Dentist because I want to continue her work, she's the only Dentist in the family. Besides, Dentist is still a Doctor, even though only on the teeth hahaha. After I graduate and pass the board exam, I was thinking of traveling around the world. But first I will have to save up lots of money. And I hope I can do that.

"I will be a travelling Dentist with lots of money on my pocket". If I'm gonna travel then the instruments I should just bring is the explorer, mouth mirror, etc.. but I guess that will be hard, because I cannot bring all the instruments. Guess, I'm just gonna work on every country. Yeah that's it. hahahahaha  that will be fun and exciting..

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer 2011

This summer, I'm gonna spend it with my siblings at home and everyday at 7am to 9am at school because I failed a subject. Now, I need to study for it.. oh and also I got a N.F.E. (no final exam) on my other subject.. which is good.. because if the professor didn't give me to have the opportunity to take a special exam then I'm gonna have a 2 failed subjects... hahaha... good thing she's a kind teacher... nice...

Anyway, its my first time to have a summer class... and fail a subject. Well I hope it won't happen again. So i must pass this summer class and the special exam I'm gonna take... whew... so many things to do... and that is... STUDYING!!!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Lazy

Yes, I am very lazy. I always think of doing things... but eventually ended up not doing it. Yeah... thats it... I'm lazy. Maybe I just don't have the guts to the things that I want to do. I'm only good on imaginations.
When am I gonna have the guts to do those things I want to do? I'm almost 20! but I feel like I'm still 16... I'm not yet serious with things... maybe that's why I'm being lazy... I'm feeling lazy.  Bored..maybe? nah... I'm always having fun... with my siblings....with my friends... but..... hmmmn guess I want something more? but what? hahahaha

*this blog is nonsense .. right? X}
lol (^___________^)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

thoughts of my brain: teenagers

thoughts of my brain: teenagers: "(@manor super club in Eastwood) Being a teenager is so much fun. Actually, a teenager is still a kid that just want to have some fun and ..."

thoughts of my brain: if you believe, then it will..

thoughts of my brain: if you believe, then it will..: "I'm not a kind of person who always go to church and pray. I believe in my own saying that. 'As long as you pray and have faith and you..."

if you believe, then it will..

I'm not a kind of person who always go to church and pray. I believe in my own saying that. "As long as you pray and have faith and you believe in Him, then you don't need to go to church everyday." That people is just me, its my own belief. I pray because I want to thank Him for all the blessings he gave to me and to my family. 
Sometimes my prayers are answered, most of them are for my family and friends. Maybe because I love them very much. Now, a few days ago I lead a prayer with my friends.. just a prayer before we go home. I prayed something for my friend that "please help her heart become soft" oh and sometimes I add a joke so they could laugh .."wash her heart with a SpongeBob." hahaha..
Last night (32311) she said that she doesn't want me to pray again because what i said last time was becoming real. And I told her, "if you really believe it then it will surely become true. Especially when you always think about it."
So if she really is becoming soft because of SpongeBob, then good for her. It's not good with a heart full of anger, jealousy, greed, selfish, etc. If you want people to like and love you back, you should do it to yourself first. 



(@manor super club in Eastwood)

Being a teenager is so much fun. Actually, a teenager is still a kid that just want to have some fun and some freedom. They want to do whatever they like. But of course they have to put some limits onto what they are doing or what they want to do. A teen always wants to party, and thats having fun with their own friends in same age. They can also have fun with their parents but not as much fun than their friends. We being a teenager want most to be with our friends because they're not like our parents who always put us on hold and always have limits and objectons to what we want. We are at the age of curiousity to what is the world like, and we of course want to try it and have many adventures in our life. Once we didn't get what we want from our parents, we go rebel! Its natural to do that but then of course it has a positive and negative feedback. We should always remind ourselves that our loving parents just want good things for us.

A teenager is a very hard age in the process of life( in my opinion). Because thats where we learn the best of who we really are with our family and friends.

Once we become parents, we sure know what our children will be once they also got to that age. But at that time, we will know how to handle them because we've been through it already..